Businesses Can Monitor Campaigns On TripAdvisor's Self-Serve Ad Platform

TripAdvisor is making quick work of building out new advertising tools that serve businesses beyond the tourism industry. This week, the brand launched its first self-serve ad platform designed to assist small- and medium-sized businesses and agencies globally.

The platform, called TripAdviser Media Manager, allows users to control cross-platform ad campaigns on the TripAdvisor site.

Supporting over 15 currencies and stocked with a variety of targeting options, brands can reach their ideal customers through three options, including user location, browsed destination and recent travel planning activities on TripAdvisor’s website.

Through the platform, advertisers can upload their proprietary creative for swift TripAdvisor review and approval, while setting their own campaign budget and schedule.

Advertisers have the power to build their ads directly in-platform, with access to mobile through a native listing format.



“The real benefit is the ability to quickly grow a business by reaching nearly 460 million loyal, engaged and connected travelers who want to hear from brands that are relevant to them," stated Christine Maguire, vice president, advertising revenue for TripAdvisor. 

Maquire joined TripAdvisor earlier this year from Conde Nast with the goal of helping the brand reach beyond tourism and boost its media and ad offerings.

The latest launch follows the introduction TripAdvisor Connect, a media solution available across Facebook and Instagram. Like the TripAdviser Media Manager, TripAdvisor Connect allows advertisers to connect with niche audiences through innovative data solutions.

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