Data Vetting 2020: Acquisition, Privacy, Hygiene

With CCPA looming largely, Mattel's Neil Gogate has a hate/love relationship with his legal team. "I hate that 95% of the time they're right. And I love that they're always willing to help me figure out how to achieve what we need to do."

Gogate spoke Tuesday at our Email Insider Summit on a panel dedicated to data vetting starting in 2020. The senior manager of CRM and acquisition marketing said there is a lot of conversation around what CCPA means for the rest of the country. Eventually, it could go either way."

Kristie Doak, senior manager of database marketing of PGA Tour, said that in light of the looming CCPA, "we think our best bet is to silo our California records when necessary, do an audit there and make sure we're good to go. We err on the cautious side."

Gogate noted that while brands like his learned a lot by going through GDPR, especially for customers in Europe, CCPA is an extension of that and they will have to consider how to ensure personal data is not being sold when someone requests it.

There are some things to consider going forward, Doak said. "While CCPA is the immediate challenge, states will pick up different laws. It's the tip of the iceberg. Think ahead." And make friends with Legal.

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