Routine Maintenance: Innovative Fixes

Just as one goes to the dentist for regular check-ups, so should a brand have a routine maintenance schedule. And on Wednesday, three panelists shared ideas for ensuring CRM and other pillars are operating at peak performance.

Amanda Scarnechia, Manager, CRM and Consumer Data, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, noted that most co-workers don't understand what it takes on the back end to make the email machine work. And, while leadership may think it fine to email to every address it has on file, she counsels, "Don't be afraid to cut the list. It's okay to tell leadership no. Show them that the most engaged people will have higher open rates."

Going further, she said why not throw a pizza party with prizes every quarter, make it a group thing.

Sonia Williford-Gill, Manager, CRM, 7-Eleven, kiddingly advised a Slurpee party. But she, too, cautioned against set-and-forget triggers. At 7-Eleven, she has brought CRM in house. "We need to ensure that it is evergreen and to check trend lines monthly.

Moderator Tara Clark, Senior Director, Lifecycle Marketing, Zillow Group, said it took her longer than it need have to share the load with other members of her company. In fact, she pointed to an engineering colleague with whom she partnered accidentally. "Over 18 months, he formalized the role of communications architect for the company. Look for such opportunities. Don't keep institutional knowledge to yourself."


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