Sightline Media, Sandboxx Strike Ad Partnership

Sightline Media’s advertisers will now be able to reach a new military demographic, thanks to a partnership with tech startup Sandboxx.

Sightline Media is home to the Military Times brand, which includes Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corp Times, Air Force Times, Defense News and other titles, serving those actively involved in the military, veterans and military families.

Sandboxx is an app now reaching 1.5 million users. It was developed by veterans in 2014 as a way for families to stay connected to those in basic training through a series of tools, including the ability to send overnight letters, receive information on training and view training content and advice.

In total, Sightline Media and Sandboxx reach a combined audience of more than 11 million.

“Sandboxx’s ability to reach service members just as they are starting out, and their families, expands Sightline’s audience base, which currently consists of career active-duty service members, or those typically on their second tour of duty and beyond, veterans and retired service members,” Christine Aquino, vice president of business operations at Sightline, told Publishers Daily.



“It also provides advertisers with unique and highly targeted ways to deliver their message beyond the current products that Sightline offers,” Aquino added.

Sightline can place digital and physical advertising on the Sandboxx app, products, websites and pages in its media packages. Advertisers can choose from digital ads, newsletter placements, sponsored content, card inserts and postage placements on letters being mailed to service members.

“[Advertisers] can reach those serving as they transition into military life — enabling them to tell their relevant brand stories at the appropriate time,” Shane McCarthy, Chief Marketing Officer at Sandboxx, told Publishers Daily. “Our team of veterans and military spouses can also provide expert feedback on all campaigns, increasing the impact and authenticity of brands’ messaging.”

The partnership is the latest evolution in Sightline’s 75 years as a media company and may spark new opportunities across other brands in the future.

“This partnership could prove the value of synergy among entities with varied business models serving the same audiences,” Aquino said.

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