New Tech Even Stresses The Tech-Savvy

Technology seems to perplex and stress out even the tech experts.

Some of the stresses include troubleshooting devices that worked just a day earlier, Wi-Fi connectivity and helping others with their tech issues, according to a new study.

The study comprised a survey, conducted by Asurion, of 1,400 CES attendees who work in the tech industry.

Here are the activities that CES attendees said stress them out the most:

  • 39% --Troubleshooting tech that worked perfectly yesterday
  • 27% -- Security
  • 27% -- Setting up a device
  • 23% -- Privacy
  • 20% -- Helping others with their tech
  • 19% -- Managing or connecting multiple devices
  • 19% -- Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 18% -- Paying for personal data storage
  • 17% -- Learning a new operating system
  • 17% -- Choosing which brand to purchase

It’s not just tech activities that challenge these tech professionals, but actual devices  as well.

More than a quarter (26%) are stressed out by phones, 23% by smart home security systems, 19% by Bluetooth printers and 17% by smart TVs.

Lots of new tech is coming, but marketers need to be aware that there’s a gap between the introduction of new technology and the actual adoption.

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