PathFactory And 6sense Partner To Help B2B Sales Teams

PathFactory, a content intelligence firm, is partnering with 6sense, provider of an account-based orchestration platform, to help B2B sales teams identify interested buyers.

When visitors hit a brand’s content, PathFactory will use 6sense’s account identification capabilities to show which account they are from, the company says. 

Presumably, this information can drive online personalization and drive outreach by email and other means.

The goal is to give marketers the ability to “optimize the customer journey and generate revenue from their ABM efforts,” states Dev Ganesan, CEO of PathFactory.

Ganesan adds that “while B2B marketing organizations have invested heavily in ABM over the past several years, many marketers still struggle to successfully execute campaigns, scale programs, and report on results.”

Buyers now conduct 67% of their own research digitally before engaging with sales teams, PathFactory says, citing research from SiriusDecisions.

6sense recently announced that it had received $40 million in Series C funding from Insight Partners.





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