Day Two Impeachment Hearings: Viewing Down 20%, Fox News Biggest Loser

Coverage of the President Trump impeachment proceedings slipped on the second day of coverage -- down 20%, totaling a Nielsen-measured 8.85 million viewers for coverage between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. ET.

Day one of the impeachment hearings took in 11.01 million viewers.

The biggest change came with Fox News Channel -- which led on the first day with 2.65 million, but then dropped a big 35% to 1.72 million.

MSNBC, which tallied 1.91 million on the first day, sank just 6% on the second day to 1.79 million, leading among all networks.

CBS was down 22% to 1.52 million from 1.94 million on the first day, while ABC lost 21% to 1.29 million (1.63 million on day one), followed by CNN, losing 12% to 1.27 million (1.44 million on day one) and NBC, losing 13% to 1.26 million (1.44 million on day one).

Fox had the most news viewers ages 25-54 on the first day -- at 394,000. CNN had the most viewers on the second day, at 320,000. Total 25-54 viewers were down 1.77 million on the second day, from day one’s total of 2.1 million.



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