Horizon Launches eCommerce Company Night Market

Horizon Media wants to help marketers improve their online retail performance, not only direct-to-consumer but also behind the walled gardens of Facebook, Amazon, and Google through its newly launched eCommerce data intelligence company, Night Market.

Conceived to give brands greater insight into the consumer journey from prospect to purchaser and stops along the way, the new company will leverage Horizon’s media insights, scale and proprietary business intelligence platforms, which are infused with artificial intelligence. The agency says Night Market will bring together the previously siloed disciplines of consulting, performance media and retail optimization, driven by predictive insights.

“Employing an AI enabled data strategy and platform insights to address the last mile of the consumer journey is an exciting and unique new offering,” said Donnie Williams, Chief Digital Officer of Horizon Media and Co-Founder of Night Market. He adds Night Market will “better inform brands across their entire ecommerce strategy, not just advertising.”



Night Market will be led by Randy Browning as President and report to a Board made up of senior leaders from Horizon Media. Browning will be joined by three new very senior level hires to be announced shortly filling the positions of vice president for respectively, data science, e-commerce, and media.

Horizon sees opportunity in navigating the eCommerce space and helping brands maximize their revenue potential. The company also seeks to work with first-party data. For now, Horizon plans on only servicing major commerce brands directly and not providing this intelligence though partners.

“For brands to unlock maximum value they need a more effective way to implement strategy across the big three walled gardens and their competing ecosystems,” says Browning. “Through unique data intelligence applied to the e-purchase journey, Night Market’s vision is to be our clients’ essential commerce partner in creating net new revenue.

The name selection serves as a reminder that this unit is powered by AI." Hence, the agency says, "it’s always on and continues to gather intelligence while others are sleeping."


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