Production Trends 2020: Greater Client Control, A Focus On The Environment

Production consultancy Advertising Production Resources is out with its annual trends piece for 2020.

According to APR a major trend this year is greater client control over content creation and distribution.

“Marketers once relied solely on their agencies of record to filter ideas, navigate and manage their landscape of creative production suppliers,” the report states. “Today there are multiple paths a brand can take to solicit ideas and produce content directly.”

As a result the production function will become less siloed as marketers increasingly take steps to integrate media, creation and production efforts within their organizations. That trend is driven to some degree by marketers seeking greater transparency and control over all aspects of production, per the report.

“There is no going back to the days of producing in silos,” said APR Founder and CEO, Jillian Gibbs. “The value is in the seams and the winners will be those who define a wholly-connected ecosystem of both in-house and external resources to provide the right balance and maximize results.”

The study also touches on rights management, environmental impact, real-time and other production trends that you can learn more about here.




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