FCB Health Network Opens 'The Residency'

FCB Health Network is introducing The Residency, a six-week training program to serve as a Cliff’s Notes version to ease the transition for new hires within the FCB Health Network.

“If you think healthcare advertising isn’t for you, or that perhaps the jump from consumer to healthcare is too great, it’s time to take another look,” explains Kathleen Nanda, managing director of FCB Health New York.

The program is open to new hires and is held at FCB’s W. 33rd St. office in NYC. The sessions are taught by presenters from various disciplines, levels and agencies across the network.

Some of the key themes addressed during the sessions include why healthcare matters, pharma basics and audience targets.

The Residency recently completed a six-week pilot program that trained seven employees and is currently accepting new applicants via LinkedIn. There are open opportunities for copywriting, account management, and strategic planning.




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