Stuffed Puffs Targets Dallas To Reach Walmart Conference Attendees

DJ Marshmello and partner Michael Tierney are launching the first OOH campaign for their Stuffed Puffs treat in Dallas. The campaign is timed to Walmart’s Year Beginning Meeting (March 7-12) a major gathering of the company’s store managers and vendors.

The signage will be displayed in the Central Dallas Business District and include HD Digital transit displays, backlit kiosks and digital freeway billboards.

Marshmello is featured in some of the creative. Other messages promote the Stuffed Puffs retail partnership with Walmart.

All ads introduce the new tagline, “Life’s More Fun Filled” to punctuate a differentiating feature of the marshmallow treat: the marshmallow insides are filled with chocolate.

Up to now Stuffed Puffs marketing has mainly consisted of word-of-mouth and social media. The item debuted on Walmart shelves last May.



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