Om: Havas NY Livestreams Yoga, Meditation Sessions

Havas NY is not only concerned about the physical health of its team, but also its mental wellness. The agency has had meditation and yoga programs in place and now, with the health crisis, it’s streaming the programs to accommodate work-from-home schedules.

“I see our current situation as an opportunity to evolve how we work,” says Harry Bernstein, Chief Creative Officer, Havas NY.

As part of the Havas NY’s on-going Creative Consciousness programming, the agency is livestreaming its weekly employee meditation and kundalini yoga sessions to the public via Instagram Live. Meditation takes place every Monday at 4pm-5pm EST, while Yoga happens Tuesday between 3pm-4pm EST.

The event has already kicked off with a bang. There were 369 people tuned in for the live meditation session on Monday, which is higher than the normal attendee rate.



“Everyone has the tools to work from home: slack, zoom, email, etc. but we want to provide tools for people to be inspired and community for people to be connected,” says Bernstein. “Having the ability to do meditation and yoga at home is essential.”

Havas began its weekly meditation program over two years ago with the appointment of Bernstein as CCO. He felt meditation greatly helped his creative process and felt it was important to bring it to the agency and give employees the opportunity to try it on their own.

Over the past year, the program has evolved beyond merely sampling various meditation processes to instead help employees better understand the theory behind each practice while deepening their technique. Each month, the agency now introduces a new teacher and meditation style.

“Stay home. Flex your creativity. Live your life. And stay healthy,” Bernstein says.



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