Infiniti Launches 'Work From Home' Instagram Campaign

Infiniti USA is launching a social campaign looking at how commutes and daily routines have changed due to COVID-19 and “stay at home” mandates. 

Nissan North America’s luxury brand partnered with Critical Mass to create “Work From Home Commutes.” 

The Instagram campaign includes a series of first-person social videos showing how office workers have traded commutes across highways and streets for an instantaneous walk from the bedroom to the home office setup. 

The aim of the campaign is to bring positivity and levity to our current work-from-home situations, said Nick Sparacino, senior manager of interactive marketing and social media, Infiniti.

The automaker is soliciting user-generated content submissions to support and extend the campaign. The call to action is at the end of the video, where fans are asked to post their "commutes" and tag the automaker, which will then curate and post selected responses to its account. 



Empathy is “everything” during a crisis, says Kyle Bottoms, associate strategy director, Critical Mass.

“We're at home, our clients are at home, and our audience is at home,” Bottoms says in a release. “It's important that the message we share brings a moment of togetherness.”

The automaker previously enlisted Critical Mass in June for another Instagram campaign that gave users the feeling of driving a Q60 around a racetrack.The agency built the experience with Instagram's quiz sticker feature called Reactions. The experience lived on Instagram’s Highlights section. 

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