BSSP Reveals Dr. Fauci Fan Appreciation Project

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) is seeking to transform one of COVID-19’s breakout stars, Dr. Anthony Fauci into a pop culture icon.

The #FauciArt initiative started as an internal passion project led by Sinan Dagli, group creative director at BSSP.  “It is abundantly clear that listening to the right source when it comes to the information is absolutely critical,“ he says. “Growing up in a household of doctors, I have been accustomed to listen to medical professionals, especially the ones who can distill endless amounts of data and communicate it in a succinct way. Dr. Fauci became my hero then.”

As the crisis spread, Dagli realized that although the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was receiving a “good amount of exposure,” some people still didn’t know who he was. “Unfortunately, as a society, we tend to listen to celebrities — or the loudest voice — over qualified professionals,” he laments. “But, that sparked an idea. What if we turned Dr. Fauci into a pop culture icon? We could ask anybody and everybody to make Dr. Fauci an icon by turning his image into a work of art.” 



Dagli then corralled his fellow group creative director Nicole Michels McDonagh and BSSP chairman John Butler, among others, for additional support to transform his dream into reality. Soon the entire agency, from finance to creative, as well as several ex-BSSPers, contributed their own versions of #FauciArt.

BSSP is now posing the design challenge to well-known artists, other agencies, and local art schools to participate by tagging their work with #FauciArt to help to keep him in the spotlight. “We are hoping that students, designers, thinkers or whoever wants to participate will take over and grow this movement further,” says Dagli. “As the next few weeks will be critical in all of our lives.”

The agency is also discussing some OOH, but there are no definitive plans right now.

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