U.S. President May Boast About His COVID-19 Ratings, But He Trails British Heads Of State

The President of the United States may keep comparing his COVID-19 pandemic press briefing ratings to prime-time blockbusters like those of "Monday Night Football" or the season finale of "The Bachelor," but they pail in comparison to the TV ratings of COVID-19 addresses by two British leaders: Prime Minster Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth.

While the U.S. President's ratings reached a Nielsen high of 12.2 million people with his March 23 briefing, according to a New York Times story, which he cited in not one, but two tweets, that's half the 24.3 million British viewers that Queen Elizabeth drew with her April 5 COVID-19 televised address or the 28.2 million British viewers Boris Johnson got for his March 23 COVID-19 televised statement, according to an analysis of BARB data released by Kantar Wednesday.

The ratings disparity is even more noteworthy given that the U.K. has far less TV viewers than the U.S.



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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, April 23, 2020 at 5:23 p.m.

    Joe, those numbers are nit actually the rating.   They are the audience count in millions.

    The rating takes into account the population.

    The UK has around 65m people and the US has around 330m people,measning that  the UK has around one-fifth of the population of the US.

    Yet Boris and Queen Elizabeth's audience was around double that of Trump.

    In layman's terms, per capita, Trump gets around one-tenth the viewer proportion (rating) of the two British leaders.   And I still reckon that is way too high LOL.

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