Cheers To Mom: Do Nothing On Her Special Day

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a tasty libation or two, or three, or well, you pick the number.

MillerCoors is hoping moms will chill out and enjoy a Movo, the brand’s 100-calorie wine spritzer. The brand has a new campaign from Mono that includes a great way for moms who have had it up to here to blow off a little steam before, during or after they imbibe. (Yes, Movo uses Mono as its agency.)

It’s a hotline moms can call to vent, scream, complain, cuss or whatever. Call 1-833-3-Scream-4-Wine. I’m pretty sure it’s toll-free. There’s even a chance to win some Movo after you let it rip—  although you need a Venmo account to receive a prize. The hotline is open through Sunday.

To sum up, Movo, Mono, Venmo.

Meanwhile, in Couch Potato Land, SlingTV and the Martin Agency are out with the “Do Nothing, For Mom” campaign. The creative shows a series of moms in quarantine rallying their children to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and doing nothing on Mother’s Day.

Other elements of the campaign include digital, mobile, paid and organic social posts, pre-roll and OTT video ads.

Did somebody mention a libation? Constellation Brands, along with agency partners the community and, are supporting Victoria Beer with a Mariachi Mother’s Day campaign.

If that piques your interest, visit the Victoria Beer Facebook page to interact with a Facebook Messenger virtual assistant to request a video. Personalize it by uploading a picture and inserting mom’s name. Then, wannable Mariachi star “Gregorio” will record an original, customizable video based on the iconic tune “Las Mañanitas,” which can be passed along to designated recipients across social media. 

Agency Chemistry is creating “Cards of Commiseration,” a Shopify site at that offers a selection of cards for parents with amusing messages, such as: “Wanna trade kids?” and “My office mate is a total ass.” All proceeds from the $8.50 cards benefit Feeding America.

Folks at Chemistry sourced stories from working parents at the agency, wrote and designed the cards and got this site up and running within a week. Quick as a bunny, all part of the WFH environment we’ve adapted to.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere!


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