Email Volume And Engagement Grew In March And April, Study Says

Companies continued to blast out emails in March and April, judging by the latest report from Epsilon.

On average, Epsilon saw 5% growth volume in those two months over the same period in 2019, tracking its own clients. And it reports 4% more sends per day in March and April compared with January and February.

The ratio of clicks to sends increased by 25% between March and April, continuing the upward trend in engagement from March, the company says.

Retailers sent slightly fewer emails in March and April, roughly on par with January, and above 2019 levels.

But those sends pulled a 50% increase in unique open rates in March, and a 350% leap in unique click-throughs from February to March.

Open rates held steady throughout April of this year, with an average of 21.5%, up from 15.3% in February and 17.8% in March. 

In addition, Epsilon saw a 46% rise in click-through rates from the start of March (1.3%) to the end of April (1.9%).





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