Jolyn Partners With Emarsys On Digital Personalization

Jolyn, a women’s competitive swimwear brand, has engaged Emarsys to fuel its omnichannel digital marketing and personalization.

Emarsys was able to analyze five years’ worth of customer data in less than a day, thanks to its Shopify+ ecommerce integration, the company says. 

Joyln customers and prospects were segmented into such groupings as warm leads, cold leads and defecting customers, and ranked by predicted customer lifestyle value.

The firm was then able to target the segments via email, Facebook, Google Shopping, Instagram and SMS, the firm adds. 

According to Emarsys, one such campaign reaches customers who haven’t visited the site in 30 days and provides them with personalized offers even if they haven’t provided their email address.

“With the tool, we now have more time to focus on strategy, messaging and the creative — and work out what is most likely to drive incremental business,” states Samantha Tedder, senior digital marketing manager, Jolyn.



Tedder adds that “this kind of technology only used to be available to big enterprises with lots of budget and resources, but now it’s available for smaller brands like us.”

She continues that she had previously thought Emarsys was “just an email service provider.”

Sara Richter, CMO of Emarsys, notes that marketing is “plagued by a technology problem at the moment. Senior marketers are spending too much time wrestling with tech, leaving little time to think about strategy, messaging and creative.”

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