Silly Agency Diversions In The Time Of COVID-19

As workers enter another week of working remotely, agencies are offering internal projects to help provide some diversion for employees and their families.

Cronin & Co is offering Zoom sessions with “Professor Wolfie” — the agency’s CCO Steve Wolfberg — who will provide feedback on children-developed advertising work. These “special homework assignments” can range from simple pictures to an omni-channel ad campaign promoting a favorite food, toy, or sport.

A video diary by Nail creative partner Alec Beckett offers amusing tidbits like "Someone has had to come into the office to get the mail (please let there be a check), restart the server, water the plants, etc. That someone is starting to lose it.”

His Day 35 update shows him chatting with his coworkers during lunch.

Mintz + Hoke invited its team to submit videos of their remote lives that was then complied into a video posted across its social media accounts. The video intermixes clips of workers washing dishes, throwing darts and recycling cardboard boxes amassed through the increased usage of delivery services.



StrawberryFrog invited comedian Sam Morril to hijack an agency-wide Zoom meeting on Friday. Morril spent most of his time making fun of agency founder Scott Goodson to the amusement of his team. This surprise was coordinated by a senior-level creative who previously worked in the TV industry and has an impressive roster of friends. Goodson claims it was a fun way to end the long workweek.

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