Ethnic Brands Have A Magic Moment

At this uncertain moment in our country, we can’t find our favorite brand of toilet paper or even bread flour! Grocery store shelves are picked over. And frozen vegetables aren’t just handy, they are “one-less-trip-to-the-store-this-week” necessities.

Consumers are being forced into trying unfamiliar brands and cooking at home at unprecedented levels.  According to the Bernstein Report, over 59% of adults said they were cooking more at home. U.S. consumption of meals in restaurants and takeout before the pandemic was about to overtake home-cooked meals. The trajectory has reversed. Cooking at home has seen a comeback out of necessity and for cost savings.

This is a watershed moment for ethnic brands to capitalize on experimentation and build brand loyalty. As households have been forced to move Taco Tuesday to their own kitchens, Hispanic brands can teach other ethnic groups how to cook some of their Latin favorites.

While brands like Old El Paso have offered taco-making kits for some time, many consumers are looking for fresh ingredients and authentic flavor as they spend more time at home. Over 8% of adults in the Bernstein Report mention they are purchasing meal kits.

Some top Hispanic brands that come to mind are Goya, La Sierra, Herdez, Chef Merito, Tajín and La Victoria. These brands can offer meal ideas and recipes via social media as households struggle to answer the question, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

We are all searching for new recipes and wanting to replace our ethnic food fixes from the safety of home. Never has this DIY moment been a better opportunity for these brands to cross over to new consumers.

YouTube has become the go-to source for fixing a leaky faucet or balancing a ceiling fan. Brands can connect through social channels to teach consumers how to make their own tacos al vapor, enchiladas, and botana platters.

There’s a wonderful  saying: “No hay mal que por bien no venga,” or "Every cloud has a silver lining." It’s a new day for Hispanic brands with the right vision and execution.

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