Periscope's Mea Culpa And Commitment To Change

In the wake of the George Floyd killing two weeks ago, Minneapolis agency Periscope has looked inward and found that it has fallen short on the diversity and inclusion front — and announced a number of steps to change for the better. 

The goal is to create a workforce that better reflects the diversity of the communities and customers it serves, the agency stated. 

The agency also said it is committing to providing pro bono campaign work to nonprofits that combat racial inequality. 

The Minneapolis City Council a few days ago announced it intended to disband the city’s police force and replace it with, well, that is not clear yet, but some sort of public-safety agency that would protect the citizenry without resorting to the brutality and horrific acts committed by the Minneapolis Police Department. 

Apparently, the city council finds the MPD to be irredeemable. 

Whatever it creates, it will take months, if not years, of research, planning and persuading citizens it’s the right direction in which to move. A court fight seems probable, as well. I think it’s pretty clear the MPD and its union aren’t particularly thrilled with the idea. And who knows what state officials think about the effort. 



Still, it’s a bold idea that if well-executed, might serve as a template for communities across the nation. That, in turn, could lead to meaningful change — the kind of change that could prevent tragedies like George Floyd's death from reoccurring. 

If I were running Periscope, my next phone call would be to the city council members leading the charge on the reform plan to see how my agency could help make it a reality.


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