Agari Summer Release Adds Anti-Email Phishing Features

Agari has adding features to its phishing defense platform that it says will help firms stop persistent attacks and domain spoofing. 

The firm’s Summer ’20 release provides chief information security officers (CISOs) with threat intelligence on business email compromise (BEC) attacks unique to their organizations, the company claims. 

This enables firms to determine which employees are being regularly targeted and the types of attacks they tend to fall for, it adds. 

The tool also allows CISOs to see where the attackers are located, based on intelligence from the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) and engagements with email scam artists. 

Among the new features in the new Agari Phishing Response:

  • Reply-to-Reporter — a feedback loop on suspicious emails reported by the employees. 
  • A URL scanning layer to helps security analysts reduce time to probe and get rid of malicious emails in employee inboxes. 
  • Domain API that allows SIEM and SOAR applications to automate monitoring and alerting of sending behavior anomalies.  
  • Enhanced Agari App for Splunk that allows security and operations teams the ability to view respond to Agari 
  • Brand Protection alerts 



"The most sensitive communications are being managed by email, at the largest enterprises in the world," states Ramon Peypoch, chief product officer, Agari. 

Peypoch adds that this, "coupled with the fact that all types of phishing attacks continue to escalate, means CISOs must prioritize detection and response to the attacks plaguing their organizations.”


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