Marketing Firm Truly Launches Phlywheel For Smaller Budget-Constrained Businesses

With ever-tightening marketing budgets in the aftermath of COVID-19, strategic marketing shop Truly is introducing a new entity titled Phlywheel designed to help startups and small and medium-sized businesses who need the creative and analytical expertise of an agency, but don’t have the budgets they demand.

It’s providing three types of monthly membership options: Spark ($19.99), Catalyst ($39.99), Superconductor ($149.99).

“We like to call it agency expertise at cup-of-coffee prices,” says Tara Hunt, CEO/founder, Phlywheel. She adds she is driven by the "teach a man to fish" model, rather than “fish for them.”

The platform “purposefully” brings together four pillars of content: education, resource, coaching and community. “Phlywheel is not handing out an "automated" or a one-size-fits-all solution to marketing,” she says. “But giving solid, experienced information and proven tools, and then providing the guidance and course correction needed in implementing this information.”



Hunt recognized the need for this platform because her agency Truly was turning more business away than they could bring in, she explains. “We had potential clients approach us for help in pulling their strategy together but didn’t have the budget to invest in the time that would be necessary to do it right.”

“Phlywheel is the natural evolution of my life’s purpose, which is to democratize marketing for small and medium businesses,” she says. “There is no time in recent history where the need has been so vast than the present.”

See more about the effort here

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