ANA Finds Content Marketing Budgets Rose Sharply Prior To COVID-19

Content marketing budgets were growing at a rapid clip, according to a report issued by the Association of National Advertisers today.

The report, based on pre-Covid-19 research conducted last year found that over the previous two years content marketing budgets were up 73% on average.

The report also projected a 42% average hike in budgets over the next two years, although given the pandemic that forecast will need revising.

More than half of respondents to a survey used for the report indicated a “strong commitment” to the practice. That said there are issues, the top concerns being around measurement of ROI and effectiveness.

The report also found that 63% of content marketing services are handled internally. Marketers are primarily responsible for strategy, technology, measurement, and analytics.

Agencies have significant responsibility for development, production and distribution of many content marketing efforts, per the report, usually in collaboration with clients. All respondents reported relying on at least one agency partner to assist with content marketing initiatives.

The full report can be accessed here.



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