Space, The Final (Marketing) Frontier

As private-sector companies like SpaceX and Amazon’s Blue Origin are helping to kickstart the public’s interest in space travel a new space marketing agency has also taken off.

It’s called Metatron Media Partners, which the founders believe is the first shop totally devoted to private sector space marketing.

The co-heads of the new agency are Joe Tani, a former account director at IPG’s Initiative and current executive director of the Pacific Rim Business Council, Allan Finehirsh, a former Carat senior vice president and currently president of Los-Angeles-based marketing agency Alliance Group  and  consultant Zach Rosenberg, the former president of media agency MBMG.

The shop’s mission is to identify and manage marketing opportunities across various global space exploration industries and to develop programs to connect global brands to those industries. No announced projects yet but the sky’s the limit so to speak.  Who knows, maybe the first space bus to the moon is wrapped in Rocket Mortgage signage.



We see NASCAR racing suits adorned with all sorts of logos. Why not spacesuits?  

And when you’re headed to the moon you gotta eat right? Have a Space Coke with those McDonald’s Lunar Fries!  Or Whatever.

More seriously, “Think of space as an entirely new marketing and media platform where the right brands can associate in innovative and purposeful ways by aligning with the new space frontier,” says Finehirsh.

Adds Rosenberg: “Lunar mining, cutting edge research and space industrialization are exciting areas for brands to align with. Think of it as product integration in space.”

Metatron Media Partners is a joint venture with Metatron Capital Partners, a venture capital firm that finances tech startups helping to develop the space travel and exploration industries in the private sector. It’s managed by principals Marc Feldman and Alex Gostomelsky. Feldman helped launch Shamrock Advisors’ early-stage life sciences investment program and currently advises UBS on aerospace and defense opportunities. Gostomelsky is a serial entrepreneur, start-up advisor and investor.


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