S4 Capital's MediaMonks Signs With CAA

MediaMonks is announcing a first-of-its-kind deal with Creative Artists Agency to serve as the company’s agent to help MediaMonks navigate Hollywood deals and content partnerships. 

MediaMonks’ Eric Shamlin tells MediaPost this partnership seeks to position the company ahead of the accelerating trends towards interactive digital content in entertainment and sports.

While CAA has long created content deals for premium streaming services like Netflix and HBO, this partnership will help CAA be a “first mover” to develop content for new platforms such as Snap, Twitch, and TikTok. “Ones that offer all-new possibilities for viewers,” adds Shamlin, SVP Growth, MediaMonks. “Think interactive content, new ways of storytelling and short originals.”

“Consider this––CAA has access to talent, and intelligence on upcoming entertainment before it takes off in mainstream media and pop culture,” adds Joe Olsen, Chief Growth Officer, MediaMonks. “For brands and marketers who are looking for cultural inflection points to tap into at lightspeed, that intelligence becomes super important. And this partnership aims to open up those lines of communication, with the end goal of meeting consumers where they are today––seeking entertainment in an always-on world with a pretty high aversion to traditional advertising.”



Olsen uses an auto brand as an example of a potential deal. “What if this car company could prepare to react and respond in a way that taps into the cultural zeitgeist if it knew about a Will Smith-fronted show about ATVs?” he speculates. “They’ll see an increase in web traffic, online searches and social engagement, and the way that car brand shows up in that moment matters,” states Olsen. 

“And, if they had enough time and were really smart about it they could proactively become part of the conversation, part of the moment itself. That’s game-changing for brands.”

Olsen adds brands could “take it a step further” to imagine proactively pitching original content. “You can get beyond predicting the market – you can actually create it,” he believes. “That's the future.”

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