Analysis Shows News Media Gave 20% More Coverage To Republican Vs. Democratic Convention

News media devoted 20% more coverage of the Republican National Convention than the Democratic National convention, according to an analysis of the two conventions’ “earned media” by public relations and editorial content research firm Cision.

The analysis shows the four-days of the DNC generated 4,900 articles vs. the RNC’s 5,900 articles.

According to Cision, news media increased their coverage of the RNC 16% over 2016, while decreasing their coverage of the DNC by 61% vs. 2016.

“Right-leaning content is shared more frequently on social media,” Cision noted, adding, “Interestingly, DNC-related content, published by right-leaning publications, received the most social amplification. That bucket was shared seven times more often than RNC focused content from right-leaning publications.”

The study also found that Democratic challenger Joe Biden “did a better job focusing on the top issues most important to voters vas identified by Pew Research.

“Biden hit on three of the five, while providing nearly equal attention to 50% of all issues. Trump only emphasized one of the five– violent crime.”



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