Study Shows Few U.S. Consumers Want To Protect Their Email Data

Email ranks down on the list of data that consumers want to protect, according to an analysis by NordLocker. Of searches about encrypting data, only 13% were for email in a 30-day period, the company says.

In contrast, 38% want to protect their folders and 37% want to protect their files. In addition, 12% have inquired about other forms of data.

In the United States, 36% of the searches were for Gmail, while 8% were for Outlook and 3% were for Yahoo. 

The results are different for the UK, where only 4% seek to protect their email data. In the UK, 20% of searches were for Outlook compared to 19% for Gmail. Yahoo is not mentioned in any searches.

NordLocker, provider of an encryption tool, looked at searches from four English-speaking countries:

U.S. — 114,000 queries

UK — 22,000 queries

Canada — 7,900 queries

Australia — 5,000 queries

The company also found that U.S. consumers want to protect:

PDF — 21%

Word document — 19%

Excel — 9%

Zip file — 9%

Photo — 5%

Other — 1%

Unspecified — 36%



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