IM Becoming a Serious Business Tool

IM Becoming a Serious Business Tool

According to a newly-released IDC study, the worldwide enterprise instant messaging applications market jumped 37% in terms of year-over-year revenue in 2004, and the value, necessity, and use of IM applications for business use is expected to grow from $315 million in 2005 to $736 million in 2009.

Robert P. Mahowald, program director for IDC, said "With more than 28 million business users worldwide... sending nearly 1 billion messages each day in 2005, and many more crossover corporate consumers who use consumer instant messaging networks in the workplace, these products are clearly reaching more mainstream users. Especially in compliance-driven sectors like Wall Street, financial services, and government, instant messaging is a critical differentiator... IDC expects instant messaging - once the plaything of teenagers - to continue to grow into its role as a substantial business collaboration application."

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