New Ad Campaign Urges, 'Don't Let Your Vote Go To Shit'

Trump has made it pretty clear he won’t be conceding defeat on Election Day even if the count shows he’s been crushed.

No, in that case he’ll declare the election has been rigged and probably handcuff himself to his chair in the Oval Office and order his team to re-rig the outcome in his favor.

At the very least he’ll insist that every mail-in vote be counted, recounted and then counted again, looking to disqualify as many votes as he can.

And that’s why it’s so important that voters mailing in their ballots this election do so in a legally acceptable manner. The mail-in rules vary by state.

To help sort out any confusion on the matter, Interpublic agencies MullenLowe and Mediahub are out with a new campaign  anchored by a funny infomercial-style video called “Gone2Shit” which is appearing on social and via donated online media time. 



The video, hosted by JJ Wright, promotes a fictional toilet paper company, Gone2Shit, which makes toilet paper made from America’s rejected mail-in ballots due to missing signatures, nonmatching signatures, the wrong envelope and missing the deadline. 

It ends with the call to action, “Don’t let your vote go to shit.” Wright plays it straight as the infomercial pitchman, and the agencies say he was cast for his great voice and presence, which has a level of refinement that contrasts with what he’s selling.   

“Toilet humor is just funnier when someone respectable is telling the joke,” an agency rep quips.  And funny usually equates to greater engagement. Once he has your attention, Wright stresses the importance of getting it right when mailing in a ballot, sincethe outcome of the election could depend on it.

The effort is rounded out with short social videos like  ‘Cushy’,  ‘Command’,  and ‘Questions.’   A website, features information about mail-in deadlines, dates, and rules (by state).  

After all the votes are counted multiple times this election Trump will probably sue and appeal and appeal again, until the U.S. Supreme Court orders the men in the little white coats to come for him. And properly mailed-in ballots will help ensure that outcome.


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