Jagermeister Teams With Lesbian Bars Fighting To Stay Open Amid Pandemic

Jägermeister, the German liqueur favored by late-night revelers in college bars, is coming to the aid of lesbian bars nationwide that are trying to survive the business downturn caused by the pandemic.

Earlier, Jägermeister  and the marketing agency Engine created the “Save The Night” campaign to help bars, bartenders, artists and musicians make it through the COVID-19  crisis.

It donated to fund “Meister Drop-Ins” through which party-goers could check an online list of disc jockeys, mixologists and artists that could be hired to appear at virtual events, with their pay coming from the brand, and any tips coming from the patrons.

Now, as a part of that same “Save the Night” effort, the brand has partnered with the Lesbian Bar Project that represents 15 lesbian bars.



A Jägermeisterspokeswoman says the brand, an herbal concoction that's a mixture of a few dozen spices like star anise and ginger, has for years supported gay and lesbian causes.

With fewer patrons, such bars have the same kind of uncertain future as other venues nationwide. But in some cases, it’s tougher -- because lesbian and gay bars exist in gentrifying neighborhoods where, even in the best of times, paying the rent is hard, or the capital behind the establishments is touch and go. 

The Lesbian Bar Project and Save the Night campaigns are raising money, in large part by soliciting donations via a new short film  (photo above) that shows the special history of lesbian bars.

It’s narrated by Lea DeLaria of “Orange is the New Black” fame, who talks with obvious affection about a lesbian bar scene  “rooted in love and history. . . It was my playground. “

The short video is a preamble to a longer documentary on the history of lesbians bars that is in the planning.

The Lesbian Bar Project claims that though there were once 200 lesbian bars, only 15 exist today. 

The campaign runs through the month of November. 

Dark, syrupy Jägermeister (pronounced Yagermeister) is labeled with an antlered deer displayed prominently at the top in a container shaped like  a bottle of cough syrup. It seems decidedly, if deliberately, untrendy. 

“But with the trend toward cocktails and mixed drinks,” the spokeswoman says, “mixologists have discovered it.”

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