Hanson Dodge Gives Itself A Brand Makeover

Recent research from the 4As finds that redefining an agency's own brand positioning can be a major draw for new clients particularly in the COVID-19 era. And Milwaukee-based agency Hanson Dodge is putting the finding to the test with a makeover designed to better sell itself to both prospective clients and employees.

The new platform “Make Great Leaps” replaces the previous slogan "Inspire and Transform.”  The main idea: The agency delivers by helping people and brands make the next great leap on whatever journeys they have plotted for themselves.

“We know from our internal and client-facing research that helping people to be their best is aspirational to everyone," says Stacie Boney, President, HD.

"The entire agency pitched in with this makeover," says Boney. “Truly, everyone clamored to work on it, and we only half-joke that by the time it was done — new strategy, creative, website, marketing — everyone in the agency had contributed to some aspect of the work.”



HD leaders say they had no hesitation when it came to investing money during these leaner pandemic times. “Just as we advise our clients to advertise during challenging times to help build their brand, so too does the same apply to us,” says Boney. “While others are holding back, this is an opportunity to stand out.”

The timing of the makeover coincides with the 2021 planning and budgeting season, adds Boney. “This is the time when clients are looking ahead to next year and formalizing their plans and budgets.  We wanted to get on their radar before plans became settled in cement.”

Advertising will appear across the agency's social media channels and will include a series of films. The rebrand includes website development, social media messaging and online banners.
Sample the work here and here.

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