New App Helps Annoyed Consumers 'Spam The Spammers': Report

In another potential headache for email marketers, a firm called MSCHF is offering an app that enables consumers to “spam the spammers,” according to a report in Beebom.

The product, dubbed You’ve Got Spam, allows users to choose a  spam email and subscribe its address  “to hundreds of junky subscriptions, choking their inbox to the gills.” 

What constitutes a spam email is apparently up to the individual. But the app’s creator, Daniel Greenberg, writes, “Many of the emails we receive are well-meaning. But let’s be honest: The majority of them are glorified spam.”

All consumers have to do to exact this revenge is click MSCHF’s devil emoji-button seen at the top bar, Beebom says.

Presumably, this “devilish new tool,” as Beebom calls it, won’t be used against brands that send emails only to customers and subscribers. If a person is tired of their emails, the best option is to unsubscribe. 



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