DDB Worldwide Creates New Gaming Agency

Omnicom’s DDB Worldwide is launching DDB FTW (as in “for the win”) a specialized esports and gaming network agency. The company says it’s an Adland first.

The agency's head office will be located in Prague and led by CEO, global esports and gaming lead Darko Silajdi, with additional offices run out of DDB agencies in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris and Hong Kong.

According to the agency, its services will cover strategy, creative, business design, innovation and tech.

The firm notes that 30% of the global population or more than 2.3 billion people identify as gamers, a pretty big target for marketers in search of an audience. Kind of hard to miss, in fact.

The pandemic seems to be fueling the trend. While COVID-19 is accelerating all sorts of trends gaming, esports is getting a big lift, says Silajdi. “As a gamer, I understand that the places where the next generation of people come together is shifting from physical locations to platforms like Fortnite.” 

Glen Lomas, president of DDB, EMEA, notes the cultural impact of gaming and those who participate.

"This category is not simply about playing Candy Crush or shooting games, it is a movement that spawns its own music, fashion, and language,” Lomas said. “Gaming platforms are a lifeline of social connection for people … and we expect the trend to continue in a post-Covid world."




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