Clorox's Liquid-Plumr Refreshes 'Clog' Campaign For Post-Pandemic World

Clorox is overhauling Liquid-Plumr’s “Will It Clog” campaign in response to changes in consumer behaviors and the brand’s changing demographic during the pandemic.

The product remains a hot seller. Over 20 million viewers have watched the “Will It Clog” creative that begin airing a couple of years back to see if Liquid-Plumr could indeed unclog extreme obstacles including an entire Thanksgiving meal and the world’s largest gummy worm.

However, in light of COVID-19, Clorox approached Reach Agency to reevaluate its tone and messaging, as well as explore targeting possible new audiences to maintain relevance.

The conversation has resulted in three new “pillars": focusing on bathroom clogs, doubling down on the element of “surprise” in the content messaging, and widening the brand’s consumer focus to include women and families.



Most noticeably, Clorox has moved the narrative from the kitchen to the bathroom to acknowledge how the bathroom’s importance has been elevated during more time athome. 

The new creative is dedicated to extreme bathroom clogs in sinks and bathtubs. Clorox leaders also say this is the first time a major drain cleaning brand has showcased a bathtub over the last decade, based on its research.

Second, the creative taps into the cultural phenomena of roulette challenges to heighten the element of surprise. For the “Will It Clog? Roulette Edition” video, Reach Agency built a customized “Clog Roulette Wheel” filled with different types of clogs. “Contestants” take turns spinning the wheel to see which “extreme bathroom clog” will face off against Liquid-Plumr.

New research led to the decision to expand the brand’s core audience from men, who used to be the heaviest users, to include women and families. This broadened consumer target is reflected both in the personalized messaging and media buy, with added emphasis on influencer-led YouTube content, providing content that the brand feels is more human and authentic in approach.

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