Freshly Launches First New Product Since Being Bought By Nestle

Prepared-meal subscription service Freshly aims to deliver convenience to people with specific health-related diets when it begins shipments of FreshlyFit ready-to-eat meals on Jan. 3.

The first new product line from Freshly since it was acquired by Nestlé in October, FreshlyFit’s launch coincides with New Year’s eating resolutions and pandemic-related restrictions on gym visits.

“I think all of us have not eaten our best during quarantine and are looking forward to trying to reset some of our better habits in 2021,” Freshly vice president of growth marketing Adam Gassman tells Marketing Daily.

The concept behind FreshlyFit predates the onset of COVID-19 by more than a year, according to Gassman. As with Freshly, the new lineoffers gluten-free meals but tailors them to people who follow keto, paleo and plant-forward diet principles.



“Health is probably a component of the decision to buy Freshly, but convenience is overarching,” says Gassman.

The target for FreshlyFit is dieters and people focused on healthy eating—some of whom “have found these diets and meal plans to be very regimented.”

The new line seeks to “offer more flexibility without the need to meal prep, or ingredient-scavenger-hunt as we call it, to make sure everything they’re eating is in line with a diet,” according to Freshly.

The marketing approach for FreshlyFit is digital-first.

“Part of that is, we need to understand the demand and capacity and market interest before we shift budgets toward offline channels that have a little less flexibility in pulling or pushing,” Gassman notes.

Adding that “TV is a big driver for Freshly” providing both awareness and driving purchases, he cites a potential “waterfall impact” for FreshlyFit from the core brand’s television ads.

“If you visit the Freshly home page, you see FreshlyFit in the top navigation bar, so we do expect a percentage of users to also visit and inquire about FreshlyFit.”

FreshlyFit is partnering with home gym company Tonal in a giveaway in which the grand prize winner will receive a free, six-month subscription to FreshlyFit along with Tonal’s gym equipment and a one-year Tonal membership.

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