Word Press Parent Buys Content Analytics Platform Parse.ly

WPVIP, the provider of WordPress services, is acquiring content analytics firm Parse.ly in an effort to help enterprise clients assess the effect of content.

Financial terms were not disclosed.  

The two firms will serve brands such as Salesforce, NBA, Conde Nast, Facebook and Microsoft. They have over 800 shared clients, including Spotify, CNN, The Atlantic and Slack.  

Nick Gernert, CEO of WPVIP, will head the combined organizations.  

Parse.ly founders Sachin Kamdar and Andrew Montalenti have joined WPBIP. Kamdar will lead the go-to-market strategy and Montalenti will oversee product.  

Parse.ly helps users achieve insights beyond page views and visits, WPVIP claims in a blog posted on Monday. In addition, it can help commerce brands understand which content converts visitors into buyers while delivering content recommendations for top-performing products, WPVIP noted.

WPVIP customers will also have access to dynamic audience segmentation and AI-driven content recommendations.  



For its part, WPVIP says it has expanded beyond its media and publishing roots to help brands serve customers with content.  

The firm contends that integration with other analytics platforms are one-dimensional. 

“Too often, enterprise software solutions are at odds with the simplicity and flexibility content creators need to meet their objectives,” the company noted it the post, adding that WPVIP has had firsthand knowledge of the Pare.ly’ platform.  

This is the first large enterprise acquisition by WPVIP and its parent company Automatic.  

Axios reports that Automatic, which is also parent to Tumblr, raised $300 million in a Series D funding round in 2019, achieving a $3 billion evaluation. 
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