Casual Games: Big User Bases But Modest Time-Spent, Consumer Spend

Casual games — those with simpler rules that require less skill — accounted for 78% of mobile game downloads last year, compared to “core” games’ 20% share of downloads, according to WARC analysis of Apple Annie data.

However, casual games accounted for just 43% of time-spent and 23% of consumer spend across game types.

In comparison, core games had a 55% share of time-spent and 66% share of consumer spend.

In addition to making sure that they integrate their messages into the gaming content, rather than interrupting it, marketers need to tailor their approaches to gamers based on this understanding that casual games offer a wider but less engaged audience, while core games may attract narrower audiences, says WARC, in its Global Marketing Index report.

The analysts also point out that, although brands including Starbucks, Shell and Disney have all used mobile gaming to engage audiences and increase loyalty, many brands appear to be missing out on these opportunities.

A recent WARC survey of 1,000-plus marketers found them reporting that 40% of brands don’t plan to advertise across game formats in 2021.

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