Agency Motion Reveals New WFH Procedures

As agencies rethink their work policies in light of the pandemic, Chicago-based agency Motion has unveiled a new flexible program for its 60 team members. 

Under “Motion FLEX,” staffers will receive a block of 50 “work-from-home” (WFH) days each year to be used at their convenience. The new program enables employees to take a couple days to WFH consecutively, take one day a week at home or block time at home during a certain season. There is also a “floating holiday” to serve as one additional day of paid time off each year that employees can use as they see fit.

“The goal is to allow individuals to schedule their remote days to accommodate their own personal priorities while still embracing the traditional working world," says Kimberly Eberl, president/CEO, Motion. With work-life balance and office flexibility at the forefront of the conversation, she said she recognized the necessity to evolve its previous time-off packages.

Prior to COVID, Motion employees could take an occasional “work from home” day as needed. And those with a certain level of seniority could negotiate regular “work from home” as part of their compensation.



Mid-2020, Motion originally decided to give everyone one day a week to WFH. Then leaders reflected about how there are circumstances in life where working from home 2-3 days a week over a certain period would be more accommodating.

Ulitmately, Eberl thought that just as people get a certain number of PTO days, the agency could treat WFH the same, and allow freedom to choose days in and out of the office. “This flexible schedule allows them the chance to spend extended time with loved ones, ensure they don’t miss their family’s biggest moments or create a schedule that works best with their daily lives.”

This announcement does mean staff will occasionally have to put away their pajamas. “There will be times when it’s expected that all employees are together in person, and we expect employees to honor that,” she states.


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