Study: Clear Corporate Purpose Strongest Draw For Marketing Talent

A strong and clear corporate purpose is the top attribute client-side marketing talent most want to see in the companies they work for, according to a new global study from the WFA.

Working for firms with strong brands and companies with “a solid track record of performance” were the second- and third top-ranked attributes.

Most respondents would like to work for a marketing department where the culture is dynamic, high energy and informal, and one that also makes internal progression a priority over hiring external talent. They would like the focus to be output-oriented (versus process-based), with an emphasis on speed over precision with an agile working culture.

Respondents were divided about which specific companies most closely aligned with the attributes they cited. 

Apple, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nike and Coca Cola were the only companies that were mentioned by more than 5% of respondents. However, no company garnered more than 10%.



Looking at corporations from the perspective of the marketing department most respondents said they want to work for an organization that puts customer-centricity at the heart of their business. That was followed by a strong product-innovation pipeline.

Interestingly, most of the respondents suggested the companies they currently work for aren’t meeting the expectations they’ve set for firms they’d like to work for. Only 7% list their current marketing department as the one that most closely aligns with the attributes they cited.

The full report is available to WFA members at the group’s website.

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