Stagwell Group Unveils Influencer Platform Koalifyed

Mark Penn’s Stagwell Group is releasing Koalifyed, a new end-to-end platform designed to improve the relationships between influencers, brands and agency partners by simplifying the process to give all parties one single view — from campaign briefs, to rate negotiations, to contracting and content creation. The service is for both in-house brand marketers as well as agencies and their clients.

The product, developed by Stagwell Technologies in collaboration with consumer marketing agency MMI Agency, is just the latest service designed to help brands capitalize on the ever-evolving influencer industry.

“The purpose of our technology is to take out all that's time-consuming about influencer marketing, without losing out on the important relationship-building aspect of the process,” says Charles Hu, Partner and CTO, Stagwell Technologies. “Because everything happens within our platform, it actually allows brands to grow their programs faster and smarter,” he explains.
Equally as important, he adds, “it improves the experience for creators, who can collaborate with brand partners on content, using simple features like track changes and in-platform editing.”



The platform’s influencer database currently features more than 300 personalities, all identified with basic details including follower count. Creators can currently connect their profiles to the platform via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs. Tik Tok will be joining in October and Pinterest in November.

Users are able to directly manage influencer identification, contract management, and creative execution as well as payment and performance tracking.

Stagwell also says the platform eliminates fraud and inefficiencies by leveraging artificial intelligence and other technology. The project’s proprietary bot detection service, appropriately titled S.N.I.F.F, uses machine learning to identify “10 times more bots than other products,” claims the company.

The service’s name was inspired bt the Australian outback because “like koala bears perched in the eucalyptus trees surveying their habitats, Koalifyed delivers the most expansive view of influencer marketing ecosystems.”

This new product offering is part of Penn’s mission transform his company post-pandemic. Its upcoming merger with MDC Partners is set to close in the first half of the year.


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