Over A Third Of Retailers Cut Staff Last Year: Report

Email marketers working for retailers should keep one eye over their shoulder. Of the firms polled for a study by Gladly, 36% conducted layoffs last year, while 5% planned to and the remainder simply said they don't know.  

Of course, those numbers are dwarfed by the more positive findings in this report. For instance, 68% said they were busy identifying customers and markets (for possible use in email campaigns). And 27% planned to do so.

In addition, 64% have redesigned, updated or enhanced their website shopping experience, while 23% expect to. And, 58% have expanded and enhanced their customer service solutions, whereas 13% are planning to.  

The study notes that the top three revenue-driving tactics already taken are customer-centric.

At the same time, 33% of the respondents said they will increase their ad spend, and 38% had already upped it.  

The survey was conducted last year, and offered by email on Sunday of this week. Some of the results may have changed since the research was done, although it does provide insight into attitudes and plans.  



For one, firms are astounded by the speed of their digital transformations during the pandemic, as shown by these stats, with respondents saying:

- We are transforming faster than ever, and I'm excited about the direction we're moving in — 89%

- Many of the changes to our organization will remain in place indefinitely — 89%

Optimism prevails among consumers despite the conditions at hand — 33% had a positive outlook. 

And Gen Z consumers were just as hopeful as their elders, and are six times as likely to have started a new job as older millennials, GenXers or younger boomers. 

Gladly surveyed 393 consumers, working with Method + Mode, and 56 ecommerce professionals, tapping the Future Commerce expert network

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