5G Push Drove Telecoms' Video Ad Impressions Up 181% In March

Driven by the race to attract customers for their expanding 5G networks, telecom advertisers' global video impressions shot up 181% year-over-year in March, with both CTV and mobile impressions "skyrocketing," reports Innovid.

The vertical's total included 239% YoY growth in TV impressions and 149% growth in mobile.  Mobile led in share of impressions, with 44%, followed by TV, at 41%.

“As 5G networks are becoming more widespread, telecom advertisers are seizing the opportunity to educate consumers about what’s possible in a 5G-enabled world,” said Stephanie Geno, senior vice president, marketing at Innovid. "Even PC saw triple-digit growth, signaling that telecom advertisers are embracing an omnichannel approach to video.” 

Across all categories, video ad impressions grew 45% YoY during March.



TV and mobile grew 45%  and 41% YoY, respectively. TV impressions growth was driven by telecom (+239%), auto (+93%), and CPG (+92%). Mobile impression growth was largely driven by the telecom (+149%) and retail (+115%) verticals.  

In automotive, total video impressions grew 21%, driven by 93% growth in TV, which accounted for 59% of the category's total impressions. More than half (57%) of automotive impressions were delivered to programmatic publishers in the period.

CPG total video impressions rose 36%, including 92% growth in TV impressions, which comprised 53% of total CPG impressions . Broadcast publishers accounted for 39% of category impressions. 

Finance saw total video impressions increase 13%. TV saw the highest growth (35%), but mobile retained the largest share (46%) of category impressions. 

Pharma's total video impressions grew 42%. TV showed the highest growth (61%), but here, too, mobile had the highest share (43%) of category impressions. Nearly half (47%) of category impressions were delivered to programmatic publishers. 

Retail's total video impressions grew 83%. Mobile impressions saw the highest YoY growth (115%) and total share (44%) of category impressions. Programmatic publishers saw 44% of category impressions delivered.

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