SS+K Leads Coalition To Recognize Mom Value

SS+K is joining forces with more than 30 organizations, advocates and celebrities to highlight the real value of mothers’ work.

Groups and people involved include Oxfam, Ai-jen Poo and National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Women’s Law Center, Paid Leave for All, PL+US, Grace Meng, Amy Schumer and Scary Mommy.

Creative centers around an online flower shop highlighting the true value of mothers’ work—and the true cost of adequately thanking them. The pitch line for the work touts the “Marshall Plan for Mom,” a reference to a U.S. aid package to war-torn Europe in 1948.

This updated Marshall Plan seeks to capture the contributions of mothers. For instance, the “Unpaid Work Bouquet” is priced at $800. “Unpaid Childcare Bouquet” stands at $13,000 while the “Mental Stress Bouquet” costs $3,500.



For its part, SS+K handled all the creative and strategy around this Mother's day activation. The branding included a bespoke new identity, color palette, website design, and social media toolkit.

“We want to create a bold, distinctive identity for newly launched Marshall Plans for Moms that would capture the energy and ambition of the campaign, unify the campaign’s presence, and ensure its longevity,” says Amy Frisch, managing director and head of client services, SS+K. This identity, she adds, needed to be “bold, defiant, and optimistic—and also broad and inclusive of the wide community building in support of the movement.”

In addition, the agency ensured the “strong use” of green in the new branding in order to speak to the financial inequity this campaign is fighting for contrasted with the “unexpected use of color in a Mom world of periwinkle and soft pink,” explains Frisch. “The extended and regular use of type in the new MPM logo represents the balancing act Moms need to play in their everyday lives, often negotiating work and childcare simultaneously.”

The mom-targeted campaign launches on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9th.


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