Atlantic New York Devises Campaign For Black America Refund

On the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, when a violent white mob burned 35 thriving community blocks known as “Black Wall Street” to the ground and killed hundreds of Black people, advocacy group #BreatheWithMe Revolution has announced the Black America Refund and an ad campaign to encourage donations to the fund, which will support black families and communities in need.

The campaign has been developed by Atlantic New York, recently founded by agency veterans João Coutinho and Marco Pupo. The anchor film for the campaign can seen here.

“We say fuck racism. Period,” says Leigh Blake, cofounder of #BreatheWithMe Revolution. “We are here to end white supremacy, regain Black wealth and refund Black America.”  

Pupo added, “We live our lives without the same fear and terror that Black families feel every day, giving us an advantage in society. It’s our responsibility to take action now.” 



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