Cannes Lions' Sustainable Trophies Movement

In its latest move toward a greener future The Cannes Lions organization today announced a partnership with environmental advocacy group Parley For The Oceans to create trophies for the Sustainable Goals Lions trophies from Parley’s recycled marine waste plastic. 

Lions chairman Philip Thomas said the new trophies pact was “only the beginning of our partnership with Parley.” He said the organization would work with Parley to make the physical festival when it returns as “sustainable as possible.” 

Thomas said the Lions would also use its platform to “drive eco-friendly awareness and action across the global creative industries.” 

Making Sustainable Goals Lions trophies out of marine waste plastic is a good start. Why not make all Cannes Lions trophies out of sustainable plastic if you really want to set an example? 

Think about all the trophies handed out in the world each year. There must be millions of them in all walks of life and many just for showing up. Wouldn’t it be great if all of them were made from recycled materials? 



Let’s face it many trophies end up being thrown out or lost and ultimately ending up in a landfill somewhere (no doubt including my Little League trophies from decades ago). 

I think Cannes Lions should use its platform to push that movement—sustainable trophies for all winners everywhere. 

And just for showing up? Maybe a digital certificate acknowledging presence would suffice.

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