EU Approves UK Data Rules, Avoiding Online Advertising Chaos

The EU's European Commission has ruled that the U.K.'s data-protection standards are adequate -- a decision that should ensure that data can continue to flow between the two regions, avoiding chaos in advertising, media and other industries.

The "adequate" rating should be good for four years, although the commission warned that it could be withdrawn, should it later determine that the U.K. regulations are not sufficiently protecting EU citizens' data.

"The UK has left the EU but today its legal regime of protecting personal data is as it was," the commission wrote. "Because of this, we are adopting these adequacy decisions today… if anything changes on the UK side, we will intervene.”

The U.K. government essentially retained the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Law Enforcement Directive, which governs data sharing in police and law enforcement, in the Brexit transition.

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