The Autotune Is The Message: Agency Launches Via Its Own Jingle

At a time when audio advertising and "sonic branding" are trending in the ad biz, agency vet John Kovacevich has launched a new shop for a song. Literally, with a theme song (hear it below).

As he explains in the heavily auto-tuned, tongue-in-cheek explanatory audio (and video), "When you name your agency SOS, people want to know what it stands for."

The song's lyrics offer up plenty of variants, but mainly the song explains it exists because when your logo is "Agency SOS," it might look to some people as "Agency Sauce."

"Who knew the acronym had so many marketing meanings: sell our stuff, share our story, shape our strategy, etc. But with this catchy little bop, it might also be "song of summer," Kovacevich explains, adding, "See what we did there?"



Kovacevich, a long-time agency creative director who held top roles at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Duncan Channon, and FCB West, as well as many years as a freelancer, obviously knowns how to get people's attention, and in the end, that's most likely what the San Francisco-based startup really stands for.

“We want to help the people who build brands, whether that’s a brand manager, an in-house creative shop, or even another creative agency,” he explains. “Think there’s an opportunity for a small strike-team that can pop in on projects, solve problems, and then pop out.”

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