Want To Get To Know Gen Z A Little Better? Helixa Has A Report For That

Research firm Helixa is out with a new report, based on data from the second quarter, which is designed to help advertisers get to know Generation Z a little better and help reach various sub-segments of the age group via their favorite shows, websites, games and other channels. 

The company analyzes millions of social-media interactions and uses AI to calculate consumer interests and affinities. 

The report breaks out Gen Zers into five segments, including “entertainment fanatics,” “trendy snack lovers,” “competitors,” “dedicated gamers” and “activists.” 

Among streamed programs, the top picks for entertainment fanatics in Q2 were "Teen Wolf," "Victorious" and "The Fosters."

Among activists, websites including The Onion, The Hill and BuzzFeed were among the top-five favorites. 

The report also breaks out the most popular games by category.



Minecraft, for example, was the most engaging online game in the strategy category while Call of Duty was tops in the shooter category. There are also top game breakouts by demo segment. For the entertainment wonks, The Simms was the most popular, for example. 

More generally, the list of “what’s in” for GenZ includes games, being outdoors, sports and music. What’s Out? Travel, reading and beauty and wellness.



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