72% Of U.S. Broadband Households View Video On Multiple Platforms

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of consumers report regularly using multiple platforms to consume video, and 40% say they view it on all tested platforms: TV and TV-connected devices, mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, and PCs, according to new research from Parks Associates.

“Consumers want a quick, easy viewer experience, and if it’s not delivered, they’ll go to the next service. Streaming services will need to prioritize proven, reliable video delivery to all devices before their audiences lose patience,” said Lexie Knauer, senior product marketing manager, Brightcove and a panelist in a Parks session on the future of video.

“Consumers today have much higher expectations of their video entertainment experiences than ever before,” said Pierre Donath, chief product and marketing officer for 3SS (3 Screen Solutions).



“Netflix and other innovators have set a new benchmark and continue to improve it. People use many different devices these days, and they seek an app-rich, highly engaging experience whenever and wherever they interact with video entertainment, both at home and on the move. With the right vision, technology and methodology, service providers — whether using cable, satellite, telco TV, or OTT/D2C and on smart TVs — can deliver those unified, harmonious experiences.”

“Consumers are increasingly choosing to consume content on connected devices, so building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with these device platforms is an important component of WarnerMedia’s distribution strategy,” added Melissa de la Rama, VP, distribution for WarnerMedia.

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